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      Initially I configured my Woocommerce site with the Shopfront theme, but I like your own shop lite theme better and installed it.
      I was wondering if there is a way to add text on the righthand side of the logo like an introduction?
      Also both the contact form and terms and conditions page are too far aligned to the left, while the other pages look good, how can I fix this?
      Is there a way to make the height of the product photos the same for all products, so they all align horizontally?

      I did have a look at the differences between for the pro version, but I could not work out if that would benefit my site. What are the Woocommerce additional settings?

      Kind regards and thank you for your help!


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      Spiracle Themes

      Hi Hans

      Thanks for reaching out
      I have made a few adjustments using CSS in your logo width

      Just use the CSS below

      .style1 .header-wrapper .logo img {
      width: 145px;

      h1.site-title a, p.site-title a {
      display: none;

      Copy & Paste it in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

      Also, go to Appearance -> Customize -> Site Identity and add your Site Title and Tagline and enable the option Display Site Title and Tagline
      The tagline is the place where you can add your description which will show just below your site logo


      For the Contact, us page and Terms & Conditions page, Use Elementor page builder to add content to these pages
      Elementor plugin link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/elementor/

      Let us know if you have any questions

      Best Regards

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      Spiracle Themes

      Let us know if you need any help 🙂

      Best Regards

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