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      Is there a way to change the time each slide displays as well as the transitions used between slides?


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      Spiracle Themes

      Hi Jeff,

      For this, you need to edit some js code. I am writing the Steps that you need to follow

      Step 1) First of all go to the theme root folder ie (wp-content/themes/krystalpro)

      Step 2) Find the js folder and open krystal-main.js with any text editor

      Step 3) Go to line no 128 ie (time: 8000,) From here you can change the time duration between slides, time is in milliseconds

      Step 4) Go to line no 129 ie (fx: ‘random’,) you can change the transition type

      Available transitions are : ‘random’,’simpleFade’, ‘curtainTopLeft’, ‘curtainTopRight’, ‘curtainBottomLeft’, ‘curtainBottomRight’, ‘curtainSliceLeft’, ‘curtainSliceRight’, ‘blindCurtainTopLeft’, ‘blindCurtainTopRight’, ‘blindCurtainBottomLeft’, ‘blindCurtainBottomRight’, ‘blindCurtainSliceBottom’, ‘blindCurtainSliceTop’, ‘stampede’, ‘mosaic’, ‘mosaicReverse’, ‘mosaicRandom’, ‘mosaicSpiral’, ‘mosaicSpiralReverse’, ‘topLeftBottomRight’, ‘bottomRightTopLeft’, ‘bottomLeftTopRight’, ‘bottomLeftTopRight’, ‘scrollLeft’, ‘scrollRight’, ‘scrollHorz’, ‘scrollBottom’, ‘scrollTop’

      Note: If you want more than one transition, for eg simpleFade and mosaic then the code would be: fx: ‘simpleFade,mosaic’,

      Best Regards

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        This was exactly what I needed!



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