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      Elian N.

      The cart doesn’t display the items i’ve added from the shop. If you hover over the cart icon you can see the items but if you open the shop there isn’t anything displayed.

      I have tried deleting both themes (Own Shop and Own Store) from the website, doing a clean install, also tried disabling all pluggings except woocommerce and the issues is still there.

      Theme is active and you can inspect it.

      Also replied to an email i’ve received for support and i didn’t get an update or anything else back.

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      Spiracle Themes

      Hi Elian

      Thanks for reaching out
      Please try the following steps

      1) Go to Pages -> All Pages and delete all the cart pages( The cart page will have text written in black next to the page name ie Cart Page)
      In your case it is “cosul-meu-de-cumparaturi

      2) Next go to WooCommerce -> Status and then click on the Tools tab

      3) Scroll down a bit and you’ll find a setting “Create default WooCommerce pages“. Click on the Create pages button on the right of it.

      4) Check your website .

      Also, refer to the documentation here and check the Topic How to fix cart and checkout pages not working after demo import issue

      Best Regards

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      Elian N.


      I’ve already done this as per the documentation and it has no effect unfortunatelly. The cart still is empty. I quit using this theme and moved to another one.


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