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      I am needing help fixing a few issues I am having.

      How can I close the extra white space between:
      – About Us section and the 4 images
      – 4 images and The Consignment Connection heading

      When on a desktop with the mouse hovering over the menu, when you scroll down slowly the logo gets extremely big when it is transitioning to the sticky header.

      Thank you for all your help, I greatly appreciate it!

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      Spiracle Themes

      Hi Rachael,

      Use the CSS below

      #about-1 .section-inner {
      padding-bottom: 0px;

      #team .section-inner {
      padding-top: 0px;

      .team-container {
      margin: 0px 10px 0px 10px;

      #portfolio .section-inner {
      padding-top: 0px;

      Copy and paste this in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

      For sticky header issue: – I have tried several times but unable to recreate the issue. Could you please tell more about the issue e.g. the browser and OS you are using

      Best Regards

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