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      We are using the free Purea magazine theme and it is a very enjoyable theme. There are some edits we would like to get help with.

      1. Featured images on list view have different height. How to make them all auto-adjust the image to be same height as it does for width?

      2. How to apply custom font in video / image caption. Current default looks too large.

      3. How to remove “Posted on:”, but only display the date with clock icon. Throughout the site: Single post and post list.

      4. How to remove Posted by and Comments from post lists on categories/archive views and search results.

      Thanks for the help in advance!

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      Spiracle Themes

      Hi Masha
      Hope you’re doing well 🙂

      1) I need more info on this, Are you referring to the blog list page?
      Do you have any live URL?

      2) You can use CSS to decrease the font size. But we need a URL for this also so that we can provide you specific CSS for that.

      3) For this use the CSS below

      .meta .date-single {
      	display: none;

      Copy & Paste it in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

      4) Add this CSS also to Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

      .archive .meta .meta-item:nth-child(n+2),
      .search .meta .meta-item:nth-child(n+2) {
      	display: none;

      Best Regards

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