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      Yiscard Rubattino

      Hello there,

      I will appreciate if you can help me with these issues:

      1. I’m having issues with the Purea theme, the trending section is not working, it’s not displaying the images, I went into the apperance>>customize>>trending News setting>>choose Category drop down, and there is no categories to choose from.

      2. I have issue with the footer links: About Us,Contact Us,Privacy Policy and terms and conditions. I can’t find the configurations setting for the footer to make these work.

      3. Also, one more thing is there a way that I can add color on a image all accross to the top section of the website, as you can see it looks pretty plain having just in white.

      thank you much,

      Name:Yiscard Rubattino
      Email:[email protected]

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      Spiracle Themes

      Hi Yiscard

      Thanks for reaching out

      1) For the header part, we can add the background color.
      Just try the following CSS

      #header-main {
      background: #f79a9a;

      .style-pf .top-menu-wrapper {
      background: #fff;

      Copy & Paste it in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS
      NOTE: you can use any hex code color for your background, I used #f79a9a for the sample.
      You can choose a color from the site below

      2) For the Trending news part, I can see the trending news sliding on your website. The trending news does not show images in it, just only post title text.

      3) For the footer link, just try the CSS below

      .footer-menu ul>li>a {
      pointer-events: inherit;
      cursor: pointer;

      Paste it on Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

      Let us know if you have any questions

      Best Regards

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