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      Hi, if you go to the BuzzFeed Portfolio tab on my website, you’ll see that the top menu disappears because it’s white on a white background. You can only see it again when you scroll down the page. How do we fix this?

      Also, can I change background color of my pages?

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      Spiracle Themes

      Hi Jalyssa,

      I can’t see the white background ( VIEW SCREENSHOT ). You can easily change the background image if you want using the Featured Image property of that page. To use featured image property, follow the steps below

      Step 1) Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Page Settings
      Step 2) Find setting Choose Page Title Background Color or Background Image
      Step 3) Set option Background Image
      Step 4) Click on publish button to save

      Can I change the background color of my pages?
      — I guess you can but you have to use CSS for that. For example to change the background color of the page ( https://jalyssaeliasen.com/buzzfeed/ ) you have to first know its page id which you can easily find out.

      Check the link below for help

      Once you get the Page Id then add the CSS

      .page-id-96 .content-inner{
      background: #dd0000;

      PS: 96 is the page ID

      Copy and paste the CSS in Appearance -> Customize -> Additonal CSS

      Let us know if you need further assistance

      Best Regards

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